Studio of perspectives

Offering spectators unique experiences with Biennale artists.



Go behind the scenes !

Theatres open their doors and artists take you behind the scenes.
Guided tours of theatres, public  rehearsals... Go behind the scenes !

Practical workshops

Practice with choreographers or dancers at discovery workshops that are accessible to all.

Free admission - book at ticket offices

On danse en famille !

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23th sept.

Saturday 22nd, a festive gathering interspersed with original moments at the Maison de la Danse, open to children and adults: hip-hop workshops with the artists, original events, trail-based game…  

Sunday 23th, Jann Gallois  got into dance via hip-hop, which she blends brilliantly with contemporary dance. She leads a workshop inspired by her own choreographic world for adults and children aged 10 and over. The workshop is split by a pot-luck teatime break.

For children from 7 years

Free, on registration




In partnership with the Comoedia Cinema, Lyon 7, discover a selection of films directly related to the program of the Biennale.

For this 18th Biennale de la danse, which questions the links between the choreographic field and the image, the place of cinema is central. White cards given to choreographers, choreographers-directors are in the spotlight of a program, to discover at Comoedia Cinema in September, in the presence of the artists.


Meet the artists

Before their premieres, the artists fine-tuning their pieces host a session open to all, where they unveil their artistic approach and the specific features of the work they’re creating for the Biennale, as well as answering the questions of journalists and public.

Café danse, 3 rue Grolée, Lyon 2 
Free admission