Histoires naturelles, 24 tentatives d'approches d'un point de suspension au Musée Guimet (creation)

“Any place can become a stage”, says Yoann Bourgeois. And now, for the first time, the Musée Guimet – the former natural history museum being converted for and by the Maison de la Danse – hosts the Biennale. The former circus artist continues his quest for the “suspension point”, in delicate virtuoso arrangements that defy gravity’s limits with unique grace. Drawing on his repertoire, each number in this site-specific show will address the impossibility of sitting down, with a chair the central element.

Piece for 6 performers
Family – ages 10+

CCN2 – Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble
Conception and direction
Yoann Bourgeois
Sound  Antoine Garry
Lighting  Jérémy Cusenier
Costumes Sigolène Petey
Design and build Nicolas Picot (C3 Sud Est), Hervé Flandrin
Set build  David Hanse et Nicolas Picot (C3 Sud Est)
Project management and build  Ametis, C3 Sud Est
With Yoann Bourgeois, Estelle Clément-Béalem, Raphaël Defour, William Thomas, Yurié Tsugawa, Marie Vaudin
Stage manager David Hanse
Assistant stage manager Albin Chavignon et Audrey Carrot

The company : Yoann Bourgeois

Yoann Bourgeois is an acrobat, actor, juggler and dancer but he is first and foremost a player

Since 2016, Yoann Bourgeois has co-directed the National Choreography Centre of Grenoble (CCN2) with Rachid Ouramdane.
Born in 1981 in the Jura region, Yoann was nurtured at the Cirque Plume school. He trained at the National Centre of Circus Arts, while also training at the National Centre for Contemporary Dance. He then became a permanent artist at the National Choreography Centre of Rillieux-la-Pape (CCNR) for Maguy Marin’s company.

The first creative cycle used iconic pieces of music as a basis for working on the “figure” (a classical element of circus work), freeing the new circus style from the all-powerful tyranny of the “spectacular”. In 2010 the cycle resulted in: Les fugues (routines presenting the relationship between a man and an object), then L’art de la Fugue, and Wu-Wei.

In 2014, Bourgeois’s second creative cycle sought to radicalise his artistic intent. He then manifested a unique interest in the body/strength relationship as an inexhaustible source of drama. The study resulted in the pieces Celui qui tombe (He who falls) and MINUIT (Midnight).

Since then, Bourgeois has continued his research alone on systems that amplify physical phenomena: “tentative approaches to a suspension point”. All of this output informs the fields that draw on it: opera, film, clips, concerts, theatre, circus and so on.

My programme is about stalling time. It is, of course, impossible. But there are ways of approaching it

Yoann Bourgeois


Les Ateliers de la Danse, Lyon


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  • Tarif réduit 22€
  • Plein tarif 25€

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