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Boogaloo, locking, popping: the dancer-choreographer Céline Lefèvre has done it all. When the Suresnes Cités Danse festival asked her for a 5-minute solo on the origins of hip-hop, she ran way over time, but the audience was thrilled! Now a full-fledged show, her “history class” covers 40 years of hip-hop, in words and movement, like a danced stand-up routine. From the street, to the stage, to the encounter with other techniques, she tells the story of her art, and the place of women in hip-hop today.

Piece for 1 dancer 
Family – ages 10+

Choreography Céline Lefèvre
Dancer Céline Lefèvre

The company : Céline Lefèvre

Céline Lefèvre was born in 1977 and has been dancing since she was five.

She started in classical dance, moving on to modern jazz, then rapidly discovered the hip-hop movement through the H.I.P H.O.P TV show presented by Sidney. She began to dance hip-hop by watching and copying her big brother.

At 17, she joined Mistikacton, one of the first hip-hop dance associations in the Val d’Oise area near Paris, before coming face to face with Parisian hip-hop in the Place Carrée at Châtelet, in discos, and at a workshop given by American pioneers of the genre at the TCD (now the Micadanses studio) in 1998. There, she met young women keen to create a new women’s crew, the NBCie. Together, they created a show for discos and went to Los Angeles to attend the B.Boy Summit and meet dancers from all over the world.

Céline specialised in upright dances (locking, popping, house and new style), in addition to her jazz and classical credentials. At the same time, she developed a career as a professional dancer and actor, working on variety shows on television, music videos, with singers (MC Solaar) and choreographers/directors on the hip-hop and contemporary scenes (Des Equilibres, Choréam, Trafic de styles, Franck II Louise, Jacques Weber, Stephanie Loîc, Laura Scozzi, Coline Serreau, etc.) in particular at the Rencontre de la Villette and the Suresnes Cités Danse festivals, and at the Opéra Bastille etc.

In February 2004, after working for several dance and theatre companies as a choreographer, dancer and actor, Céline Lefèvre decided to create her own company: C’MOUVOIR.

Today, she continues to choreograph (Juste un cygne, Des Branchés, Vous Désirez ? etc.), dance and act.

There are no hip-hop history classes. It’s a new art form, constantly under construction

Céline Lefèvre


Théâtre de Givors, Givors

  • 20:30

Théâtre Jean Marais, Saint-Fons

  • 20:30

Espace Culturel Eole, Craponne

  • 18:00

Théâtre Le Majestic (Maison de la Culture Le Corbusier), Firminy

  • 20:00


  • Demi-tarif 10€
  • Tarif réduit 17€
  • Plein tarif 20€

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Théâtre de Givors

2 rue Puits Ollier
69700 Givors

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