Vertikal (creation)

After tackling the third dimension with Pixel, Mourad Merzouki teams up here with aerial-technique specialist Retouramont to open up a new field of hip-hop possibility. “The dancer’s relationship with the floor is totally altered,” he says. “The dancer is by turns the base and a marionette animated by the counterweight of his partners.” With a strings/electronic score by Armand Amar, Vertikal marks out new vanishing points in space, while retaining the vocabulary of hip-hop dance.

World premiere.


Piece for 10 dancers

FAMILIES – age 7 and up

Artistic direction and choreography Mourad Merzouki
Compagnie Käfig CCN Créteil & Val-de-Marne
Dancers Casting in progress
Music Armand Amar 
Aerial stage space Fabrice Guillot / Cie Retouramont 
Choreographer’s assistant Marjorie Hannoteaux 
Lighting Yoann Tivoli 
Stage design Benjamin Lebreton
Costumes Pascale Robin 
Installation of apparatus Michaël Poyet 
Aerial training  Isabelle Pinon

With support from
National Choreography Centre of Créteil & Val-de-Marne/Compagnie Käfig – director Mourad Merzouki, with the support of Institut Français for international tours.


The company : Mourad Merzouki

“In this piece, I want to explore a new space, one that is vertical."

Mourad Merzouki


Maison de la danse, Lyon

Opéra de Saint-Etienne, Saint-étienne

  • 20:00

La Coloc’ de la culture, Cournon-d’Auvergne

  • 20:00
  • 20:00
  • 20:00


  • Tarif complice 11€
  • Demi tarif - 2e série 14€
  • Demi tarif - 1ère série 16€
  • Tarif réduit - 2e série 26€
  • Plein tarif - 2e série 28€
  • Tarif réduit - 1ère série 30€
  • Plein tarif - 1ère série 32€

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Maison de la danse

8 Avenue Jean Mermoz
69008 Lyon


T2 - Bachut Mairie du 8e


D - Grange Blanche puis T2


23, 24 - Bachut Mairie du 8e

34 - Cazeneuve-Berthelot



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